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Hi! We are Mike + Laura Chapman

We are the proud owners of Dynamite Beer Company! We're thrilled to bring our dream to life right here in our own neighborhood!

Here is a little bit about us:

Mike has been in the craft beer industry for over 15 years. Most notably he worked for Phoenix Ale Brewery, managed Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles and launch + managed the Huss Brewing Company Uptown location. He's passionate about crafting an experience that blends a little grunge and a little rock n roll with a refined, bright and open taproom. The drinks, the food and the atmosphere are creative and energetic!

Laura is the brand + website designer for Dynamite Beer Company and keeps everything running smooth behind the scenes... from HR to marketing to merchandise and beyond! 


On any given day, you'll find Mike behind the bar, talking to guests or developing new flavors in the kitchen. . . Laura pops into the taproom with their three kids Ryder, Kieran & Indie to make sure all the products look great and taste great too :) 


We can't wait to meet you there!

- Mike + Laura

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